Retail Plan

The retail vision is to provide a place in the center of the community where residents can come to meet, eat, and enjoy community life. Toward that end, it is the desire of the development team to carefully select two high quality restaurants with outdoor dining to anchor the retail and fill in the two-sided retail experience with other convenience retail such as a coffee shop, deli, ice cream store, hair salon, bank, and dry cleaners.

February 2007 Worman’s Mill Community Survey Results on Retail

334 of 891 resident surveys were returned, an excellent 37% response rate. As expected,
the top requested use was restaurants and food sales.
bakery, baked goods store 1209
restaurant, general 1144
delicatessen 1115
books, magazines, newspapers, etc. 1082
ice cream parlor 1069
cards, stationery 1025
farmer’s markets 984
flowers (florists shop) 944
restaurant with entertainment 897
barber, cosmetology 892
personal services (e.g., nail salons, barbers, shoe repair & similar establishments not yet listed) 886
convenience store, without gas sales 814
apparel 811
art gallery, including framing 804
arts, crafts or hobby supplies 793
meats, butcher shop 793
handicraft items (such as pottery, stained glass, woodwork) 789
health club or spa 777
dry cleaning 769
financial services (bank, savings & loan, credit union office) 756